Stilt Drumming Troupe
Entertainment at New Heights
Afro-Brazilian Rhythms
March to the beat of the rhythm
Vibrant Performance
Bold, Bright, Colourful
Draws a Crowd
Tall roaming drummers like most have not seen before
Parades & Festivals
Whether making way through festival and parade crowds or grabbing the attention of passer-byers, Tallbeat is a great addition to make any event even more spectacular.
Big Interaction
No matter how big the crowd, the interaction is grand
Roaming Performance
Performers in motion
Performing World Wide
Entertaining for over 5 years
Two Distinct Looks
No matter what your event, we've got beautifully designed costumes to suit. Choose from a beautiful royal gold ensemble or a relaxed and vibrant peasant.
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Frequently asked Questions

What is Tallbeat - Stilt Drumming Troupe

Tallbeat is a group of professional stilt-drumming performers who go through extensive year-round training to bring you a spetacular fusion of the arts of afro-brazilian drumming and stilt-walking. Tallbeat, with their drums of thunder will roam any event, carving out a path through thick crowds. The show will be commemorated for years to come!

Is Tallbeat and MaracaTALL the same group?

Yes, MaracaTALL became Tallbeat in the Fall of 2017. A name change was necessary to adapt to a fast changing atmorphere within the group. At the same time to have a broader spectrum of possibilities for cultural representation world-wide.

Does Tallbeat have a busking show?

Even though Tallbeat performs often in Busker Festivals we are a roaming act not a busking show, and do not collect compensation from crowds. We are a hired act entertaining crowds at events, festivals, parades, and corporate events internationally.

How many members does this group have?

Over the years we found that 6 Tallbeat performers is the optimal size for a troupe. However, we would be able to do shows with up to 8 and down to 2 performers to fit you event's needs and budget!

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